We offer you selected Best in Class products

  1. E-Learning

    The e-learning products in our portfolio are among the best in class products worldwide.
    We sell, advise and train you in their application and, if required, we can also take over the learning success control of your employees. We provide tutors and offer them training support.

  2. Simulations

    Our simulation trainings offer you a sustainable and highly entertaining learning success with the best results. Modular learning and playing the project teams against each other over several days lead to a sustainable learning success. The participants have fun and learn to react to events and make decisions quickly in a real project. The simulations have already been successfully played by more than 160,000 participants worldwide and provide the best entertainment in the training.

  3. Individual E-Learning

    We support you all the way from strategy to the creation of individual e-learning solutions. We train your employees in the use of various e-learning tools. We support you in selecting tools and in developing your own e-learning solutions.

  4. Assessments and Audits

    You would like to know where your projects and your organisation stand?
    You want to know what the qualifications and application knowledge of your project staff are like?

    We check your projects from a simple project review to an assessment of the project organization. We prepare your organization for international certification audits and help you to improve and optimize your project maturity and the capability of your organization.

    A review ranges from a few hours including a Quick Check and Mini Audit to more comprehensive assessments according to various international standards such as ISO, CMMI, Cyber Security Audits, PCI-DSS, OPM3.

  5. Tools & Techniques

    We find the right methods, tools and instruments for your company. We evaluate your needs and select the right products for you. We train your employees in the application of the methods and tools.