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Why do you need Disciplined Agile?

Many teams stick to a widely used framework or one of the numerous Agile approaches available. Frameworks can help, but the smartest path forward often borrows thinking from several—and every team has an optimal way of working. This is Disciplined Agile®.

The goal is to start where you are and continually improve from there. Disciplined Agile helps you to explore your options and guides you to your best next step.

What is Disciplined Agile?

Disciplined Agile is not a framework, but a toolbox that combines best practices from the agile and traditional world to make it easier for you and your team to improve your way of working. Within Disciplined Agile, there are no best practices that can be applied in every situation and automatically lead to success. Rather, Disciplined Agile is a guide to critical thinking by comparing strategies from Scrum, Agile Modeling, Extreme Programming, Kanban, Agile Data and SAFe, etc., and highlighting advantages and disadvantages. Embedded in a goal-oriented approach, Disciplined Agile allows teams to identify and implement improvement potential more quickly. Organizations and teams that apply Disciplined Agile can get to market faster, deliver better results, and make their customers happier.

Why Should Team Members Adopt DA?
DA provides agnostic and pragmatic advice to help you become more effective. 

Why Should Team Leaders Adopt DA?
Apply DA to improve upon your team’s current way of working.

Why Should Agile Coaches Adopt DA?
Learn to coach beyond the confines of software development and agile frameworks. 

Why Should Your Organization Adopt DA?
Retain your existing investment in agile, lean, and traditional WoW and improve steadily from there. 

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