We advise you on agile and classic management approaches for project and line

  1. Project Management

    We advise you in all questions of digitalisation. From the selection to the achievement of your project goals in time, cost, scope and quality. We make your projects more successful. We ensure that your project goals are achieved more efficiently in terms of time, cost, scope and quality. We improve your processes, methods and instruments.

  2. Project Organization

    Successful projects are secured with a mature and capable project organization.
    We support you in setting up and implementing a project, program and portfolio management organization with all the associated processes, methods and instruments.
    In doing so we follow the international OPM3 model of PMI and ISO 21500 for project management.

    We support you in all processes and organizational questions concerning project management for your company.
    We check the current status of your projects in reviews, mini-assessments or comprehensive examinations (full audits) and accompany the development of your project organization up to certified project management maturity assessments (maturity appraisals).

    (OPM3: Organisational Project Management Maturity Model is a registered trademark of the PMI Project Management Institute)

  3. Individual Concepts

    You have developed and established your own project management competence. You use your own tools and methods for project management? Then we will put together individual training contents for you and define the optimal training form for highly efficient training solutions. We combine classroom and e-learning elements for your individual training concept.

  4. PM Career Path

    Have you already established a management career in your employee development model and possibly a specialist career?

    As a third pillar we recommend to introduce the project management career as a new development perspective in your organization. We support you in expanding your career model for the future, motivation and employee retention.

  5. Methods and Tools

    You have many different tools and templates in your organisational areas and there are always additional costs and conflicts due to inconsistent methods and instruments. Use standardized methods and instruments and our experience to select the optimal tools and templates for your organization.

    Often you already have the right tools in your company and the employees do not know how to use them effectively and efficiently for line and project work. We show them how to use modern tools and train their teams for better cooperation.

  6. Moderation & Workshops

    A well organized and well moderated project kick-off is an important event and success factor for the start of your projects.

    This also applies to all other events and workshops. A good preparation, organization and a professional execution is a big challenge for many employees and project managers. We support your projects and your line organization with professional moderators for events and workshops.