I would like to share my thoughts and forecasts for 2020 with you and I am also available for further discussion in the topics.

It will be a very exciting year and I expect many interesting publications, products and innovations in our ALVISSION core competencies, learning products and customer projects.

Here are my 10 Top Topics 2020:


Innovative learning technologies flow even stronger into presence and e-learning solutions (Virtual Reality (VR)/Augmented Reality (AR)/Mixed Reality (XR), Gamification, Workplace Learning, Assisted Learning, Learning on Demand, Learning in smaller learning units (Learning Nuggets, Micro Training Modules)


Adaptive hybrid project management and hybrid PMO’s (Project Management Office)


Agile scalable frameworks like Disciplined Agile (DA) for all business areas of small, medium and large enterprises will become a big issue and support the Agile transformation of companies in all industries.


First assistance systems in project work and in projects – project bots take over more and more monitoring and control tasks in projects and assist more and more the project managers


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will be incorporated into the learning solutions – language and communication with the systems will be a major issue


First Virtual Reality Spaces and products for projects, training, collaboration and meetings will flow into the business areas (first products reach a usable maturity level for professional business applications)


New qualifications and international certifications are expected in the field of cyber security


Project work as a form of work of the future will continue to increase and thus have a decisive influence on and change companies and organisations


Agile and classical methods together form the toolset for successful projects. Hybrid procedures, methods and instruments are used as required and targeted in projects and increasingly in line organizations


Agile mindset, methods and working practices have an effect on the corporate culture and will be even more strongly integrated into all areas of the company (HR, purchasing, marketing…), i.e. not only in project work

I hope I have been able to give you a brief overview of my personal expectations and my assessment.

We are looking forward to our joint projects, trainings and research activities to contribute to your success.

We will look back at the end of 2020 and see what has happened. ?

Stay tuned

 Frank Tassone
Managing Director 
TEL: +49 681 410 964 81
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